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Enjoy the spectacular views from a balloon basket and experience this ancient sport in Geelong and its surrounds. Depending on the wind direction, we shall choose launch locations to try to give you the best views at sunrise that the day can offer. Geelong City Council has come on board with us and has allowed us to use many of the city parks for taking off and landing…this allows us some spectacular flights over the city on many days.  Due to its proximity to the bay and Avalon Airport, some flights will be out to the West and North, places like Bannockburn and Murgheboluc. Wherever we fly, you will enjoy spectacular views of the region in the early morning light.


Our launch sites will vary depending on the wind direction on the day, choosing a location to take off and give you the best views possible for that flight.

Key Features

  • Champagne toast and a brief “history of balloon flights” on landing
  • A unique team building experience in a fun activity that encourages passenger’s participation
  • Many of our flights do deliver the most stunning views from a balloon in the whole of Australia
  • 27 years of experience with pilots who have flown in many locations around the globe
  • Yes, balloon flights conserve the poetic beauty of a sport that will always be “the peaceful adventure of floating in the wind”

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